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Who's better than Taylor Hall?

Published on February 20th 2014


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So, the other day Matt Barry posted a blog outlining the facts:

To land Shea Weber, the Edmonton Oilers would have to move Taylor Hall in some kind of deal for him.

To me, Weber is a far better player than Hall now and he likely will be six years from now when Hall's a UFA. If that is the guy David Poile wants, then that's the guy that you give David Poile to make the deal happen – this really shouldn't even be debatable. The Oilers win this deal because they are getting the better player...PERIOD!

But this discussion got me thinking as to where I fit Taylor Hall in the land of NHL wingers. Rather than structure a list, I think the best way to do this is to toss out names and write a little blurb on why I think they are better/I like them better than Hall.

Personal preference is in play here, as there are guys that I just like how they play, and therefore, that is why I'd take them over Hall.



Patrick Sharp

If making the Olympic team isn't enough to justify that he's better, then his two-way play is. He's also near the tops of the league in goals and is a whole lot more likeable then Hall.

Gabriel Landeskog

He's a better leader, a better two-way player and he plays with a ton more heart than Hall. Every night he gives his all to make his team batter, which is a lot more than I can say about Taylor Hall.

Henrik Zetterberg

He's a tweener, because he does play centre, but the NHL lists him as a winger, so I group him with the wingers. He's Zetterberg. If you need anymore of a reason go watch a Red Wings game.

Milan Lucic

A lot of players can score. A lot of players can kick your ass. But Milan Lucic is the only winger that I know that can do both. I'll take the guy over Hall.

Andrew Ladd

The guy is a born leader and on my Olympic team. He leaves everything he has on the ice and isn't too bad in the skill department either. He can also kill penalties, which is something that Hall doesn't do. Hall...Shhheesh...Pussy ass Sedin wanna be.

Evander Kane

Like Lucic, he hits, he fights and he scores goals. Give me that any day over a one denominational player. His career goal-per-game number aren't bad either at 0.32 per game (Hall, 0.38).

Magnus Paajarvi

Just kidding. I just wanted to see if you were still reading. :)

Phil Kessel

Like him or not the guy can score. Five 30 goal seasons and counting now. When Hall gets two or three 30 goal years, maybe I'll consider him to be in Kessel's world.

Pat Kane

He's a cocky little guy, but I kind of like that about him. Along with his swagger, he's a better player then Hall and he's got two rings to back up that comment.

Alex Ovechkin

When Hall wins “ONE” award call me.

Corey Perry

Well, he has a “Hart”, which is more than Hall has.

Marian Hossa

He's been one of the NHLs most complete players for about eight or 10 years now, so that's good enough for me to take him over Hall.

Martin St. Louis

He's the reigning scoring leader...enough said.

Gustav Nyquist

This guy will probably cause the biggest stir, but I've been a fan of his since junior. Just give him time and you'll see why I like him better than Hall.

Ryan Callahan

Leadership personified. I love the way that he plays and how he leaves everything on the ice. If he's available via free agency there will be 30 teams bidding for him.

Jamie Benn

I'm biased because we grew up in the same area on Vancouver Island, but he's the best power-forward in the game. And he's only going to get better.

Marie-Philip Poulin

Let's face it, after her performance today and her performance in Vancouver the girl belongs in the Hockey Hall of Fame. And that's a lot more then I can say for Hall.


Agree or disagree....Let the conversation begin.




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