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On the Coyotes and Darcy Regier

Published on July 4th 2014


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To all my American readers, I hope you are enjoying the 4th of July festivities. Have fun and enjoy the weekend.

It's the offseason and there really isn't much to discuss in Coyotes land, but  I would like to touch on this Darcy Regier hiring.


Yesterday, the Arizona Coyotes found their new assistant general manager.

Darcy Regier, the former Buffalo Sabres GM, was named vice president and assistant general manager of the Coyotes on Thursday. 

''We are very please Darcy has decided to join us in Arizona,'' said GM Don Maloney. ''Darcy adds intelligence and experience to our management team. The wealth of knowledge he has garnered as a long time General Manager in the National Hockey League is invaluable to us. He is a great addition to our staff.'' 

The Coyotes have been looking for a new assistant GM since Brad Treliving darted to Calgary to become the GM of the Flames.

This move is a real head scratcher for me. I'm trying to figure out why Maloney and Co. would bring in the former Buffalo Sabres head coach, who was fired after a 4-15-1 start to the 2013-14 season? The experience and length of time he has served in the business makes a lot sense, but he has a horrible reputation for being cheap and a reputation for not seeing fair trade value.

Maloney and Regier are long-time friends, which dates all the way back to when they worked together in New York with the Islanders in the 90's, and this is probably one of the main factors in the hiring. Maloney must put the friendship to the side when working with the Coyotes, because at the end of the day this is a business.

But I do believe everyone deserves a  second chance, and who knows, maybe this could be a good move? But I highly doubt it. I think the Coyotes could have found a better man for this role.

The point I'm trying to get at is, I don't believe this is a positive hiring for the Coyotes moving forward. The Yotes are already on thin ice as it is, and they can't afford to stumble back even more.

I'm not saying Regier will be the guy calling the shots and making the big decisions for the Coyotes, but he is the assistant GM and he does have a say in what happens.

And that's the scary part. 

If you're a Coyotes fan, you need to pray that Regier doesn't enforce Maloney to make unfair deals (trades, signings, etc..,) that will set the Coyotes back more than they already are.   

But, I guess only time will tell if this was a good business decision for the Coyotes. 

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