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Flatline? Endgame? Either way, it's over Washington!

Published on April 9th 2014


The ? at the bottom....yes that is a flatline and now the Washington season
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There will be plenty of second guessing later but the Washington Capitals have been eliminated. The Detroit Red Wings got one point and the Columbus Blue Jackets nabbed two points on Wednesday night which reduced that dandy tragic number to zero. Reviews will come in and all that good stuff. There will be assertions and criticisms along with some positives. That is kind of how it works here. 

Again, the Washington Capitals did not have to play to be eliminated. Detroit and Columbus did exactly what they had to do and that was that. It is just that final. Simply, time ran out before the 82nd game expired. Now, a quick Capitals eulogy.

Death Of The Capitals

There was the three headed goalie monster.
A 50 goal scorer with below average defensive metrics.
Then there was a former top level defenseman,
Who still cannot stay healthy.

Do not forget the five points on the "California" trip,
Followed by five straight losses.
These Capitals could play with the best,
Then just look dead like the rest.

Whether it was Grubauer, Neuvirth, Holtby, or Halak,
It just was never going to be a lock.
The Southeast would not save them anymore.
For as bad as it was, this was now "The Metro".

There was Oates and Ovechkin.
Oates dreamed of making #8 like another Russian.
Remember that guy named Ilya Kovalchuk?
In the end, the great eight just (something less than suck).

There was quitting and sitting.
Yet Ward and Chimera rose up.
Even Troy Brouwer scored like The Power Play Files
Too bad that dropoff between Backstrom and Ward was many miles.

The GM, the coach, and the captain.
Two of these three may be gone again.
Something clearly must be done.
A yes man and yes owner is certainly little fun.

We lay these Capitals to their final resting place.
Team defense still optional and no real trace.....
Of those clutch even strength goals or a clue beyond reproach.
In the end, the first to go may be the coach.

After that, there is little certainty
Of what players may go or stay openly.
Fans now know how much this has stung.
Because yes Capitals fans, the fat lady has sung!


There will likely be a few fantasy themed Washington pieces and a quirky season recap next week but until then, we say good night and maybe "change" will actually happen.

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