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Published on March 6th 2014



Lou Lamoriello and his New Jersey Devils once again found a way to cheat the system. Not since Sam Pollock in Montreal have we seen this kind of highway robbery. If you missed the story, NJD got their first round pick back today because NHL.

It is larceny in the highest degree. It is Pollock level thievery. It's a complete bollocks! Argh! The NHL is always doing this kind of silliness and this time it impacts the other 29 teams. Basically, the league is saying that Lou in New Jersey plays by one set of rules and the other teams will just have to deal with it.

These moves are not made in a vacuum, it all has a domino effect.


Bob McKenzie tells us the 30th best player in the draft is (dunh duh duhn duhn!)

The value of a player in the top 30 is fairly high. Scott Cullen's look at history tells us the player taken in this ranges has a 44% chance of playing 100 or more games in the NHL.

It's a big deal. It's unfair. It puts the NHL in an extremely poor light. They've done it FOREVER.

March 4, 1967 edition of The Hockey News.

"Abel Forces Rule Change to Farm Rookie Out

-Jack Berry

The League board of governors-meeting in New York-passed a rule enabling Detroit to farm out 20-year old Peter Mahovlich without asking waivers. The governors, glowing after hearing a financial report that showed attendance up 92,000 as of January 1st, settled the sticky business with a smooth stroke.

New York had blocked Detroit's attempt to waive Mahovlich so that the young giant could get minor league experience. In turn, Detroit blocked Toronto's attempt to farm John Brenneman and Red Wing GM Abel said stubbornly that he certainly wasn't going to let Toronto move Brenneman out if he couldn't get Mahovlich down.

As a result, the two players watched the games from the stands, collected their salaries and weren't getting any experience. So the owners came up with a rule allowing a player to be farmed out, without asking waivers, but the player must remain in the minors the rest of the season and cannot be called up for the playoffs.

"Peter was a victim of circumstance, Abel said. "I think he's going to be a good hockey player but right now, fighting to make the playoffs, I feel we've got to go with experience.




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